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Haarlem is a city and municipality in the Netherlands and capital of the province Noord-Holland. It has been voted to be the best place for shopping in the whole country in De Grote Houtstraat.

Haarlem was first mentioned in a document in the 10th century, however the area has been inhabited for over 3.500 years. In the year 1245 Haarlem received it's rights as a city from Willem II of Holland (king of the Holy Roman Empire between 1248-1256).
Since then the population has grown to 149.516 people in the beginning of 2010.
With an area of 29,32 km² it has 5.099 inhabitants per km².

There are several ways of getting to Haarlem:
 - Schiphol airport (international and biggest airport in The Netherlands) is about 13km. away, there buses going to Haarlem almost every 5 minutes (Busline 300). But other than the bus there is also a train station right beneath Schiphol airport which will lead you to any place in the country.
 - Ofcourse you can also go by car or take a taxi, important roads going into Haarlem are A9, A200, N200, A208, N208, N205 and the N232.

Zandvoort aan zee (Beach)
Just 20 minutes by bicycle or a couple of minutes by car or train you can reach Zandvoort At Sea, the beaches stretch almost the entire western coast of The Netherlands and are the perfect place to relax on a hot summerday. The water of the North-Sea may be cold, but maybe that's just what you need after laying in the hot sun.

Amsterdam zoo - Artis
Natura Artis Magistra, better known as Artis is Amsterdams zoo not more than 15 minutes from Amsterdam Central train station using Tram 9 (Diemen). The zoo was founded in 1838 and has currently over 900 different animal species. Entrance costs 18,50 per person.

Amsterdam centre
The city of Amsterdam is only 10 minutes away by train, 20 minutes using the bus or car. Amsterdam is known all over the world and it's cultural diversity is very big, only 55% of Amsterdams inhabitants are Dutch.
The city centre has lot's and lot's of shops that will keep you busy for hours, and when you get hungry there is no shortage of choice for restaurants and bars. Dam square is only 10 minutes walking from Amsterdam train station and is always crammed with tourists.

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